Monday, November 3, 2008

The Girl Next Door (2007)

I am a bit torn when it comes to this review. Overall; this movie was touching (made you feel like jumping into the screen and killing someone) and overall great; however I am torn in the amount of detail shown and some of the content displayed to viewers... Let's just say the film borders on kiddy-porn in my opinion.

The movie did a great job getting it's point accorss; and though the acting could have been a bit "better"; it certainly was pulled off with flying colors.

I have to say that very few movies ever really stand out and make feel "enraged" after watching them; but this one did just that... I kept wanting to go and get the magic movie ticket from "The Last Action Hero" so I could jump into this movie and beat some people's asses... it was that dramatic.

Though it will contain some very graphic content, and some disturbing images, it's certainly a film you should watch (just not with the kids).

The Incredible Hulk

The Incredible Hulk - This movie was pretty good; but not as good as it could have been. The movie had above-average special effects; but the story line could have used some help.

I felt like the movie went a bit too quick into the main story and they tried to accommodate for it with "flashbacks", then once they got to the point the point was lost because they just tried to do fighting scenes to make up for it.

Overall, I would give this fil 3.5 stars; and only because it will keep your kid in check for a couple hours... Not a bad babysitter rate :)

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Protector Review

The Protector

Someone needs to protect you from watching this movie... its THAT dissapointing. Well as an action movie lover I went into this movie with high hopes for a couple of reasons... 1) Quentin Tarantino I like his movies.. 2) It's comes accross like Jet Li or even Jackie Chang type action... (at one point in the movie they do a Jackie Chan joke... tacky!) which is always interesting and entertaining... But this movie lets you down in so many ways it makes me sick.(Can I get my money back?)

First off; he gets beat up left and right and i mean left and right... the people he actually does knock down (or beat up) are like standing there like look at me... I wanna get hit... to make things worse... every action part looks like crap because you can tell they are faking it.. (I mean I know they fake it in movies.. I get this... however in this movie someone swings 10 feet away and the other person acts like they got hit.. its that bad). The other thing is that throughout the movie its the same thing again and again... at one point he is breaking arms and legs over and over and over (like for 10 minutes) to the point where I was like.. ok get to the point already...

Overall; I would say this was a real dissapointment (I would rather watch my super ex-girlfriend again.. and if you see my previous review you would know I didnt like that either...) If you need a good laugh (or bore) watch this movie!

Overall rating: 1.5 Stars.

Want more information about the movie? Go here (IMDB)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My Super Ex-Girlfriend Review

My Super Ex-Girfriend

Ok; this is the classic boy meets girl... boy tries to impress the girl; but girl has super-powers and so the boy runs like a coward... Truth be told; I watched this with my wife because she likes "chick-flicks" and though on occasion I tend to agree that the movie is good... with this one.. I gotta say huh?

I mean the movie was "ok".... dont get me wrong.. I didnt feel like I got robbed and that I wanted my money back. It was at times entertaining... I will admit that. Its just that there were too many things that were "loose" in the movie... I mean G-Girl? What is that about? (and no; they never tell you what G stands for... My guess is Goofey or Good for nothing; but that is just me!)

Overall... its a passable movie if you have to pick one to watch with your woman... she will more then likely like it as it is about romance and relationships... so its a passable flick whick will get you brownie points :)

Overall rating: 2.5 Stars.

Want more information about the movie? Go here (IMDB).

Gridiron Gang - My Review

Gridiron Gang

So I rented this movie today and I kind of went in expecting to see a feel good movie about a bunch of reject gangbangers overcoming the odds and ending it in a good happy note... guess what I found? I was right!

Truth is... I dont think that the movie is Oscar worthy... but what is this days? Borat? (Give me a break). I think Dwayne (The Rock) pulled it off... He acted great in the film and he actually made you believe he could have been the guy he was portraing. The rest of the cast was also good; XZibit was also great in the movie. He brought a sense of "humaness" to the film.

Overall; this is a movie that should be enjoyed with kids (8+) with popcorn to show them that sterotypes are not what they seem. The movie gets a "3.5" star rating overall...

Want more about the movie? Go here (IMDB).